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1. Process engineering study with options for a platinum refinery:

Our brief was to develop the flowsheets and mass balances (metal recoveries and volumes), and calculate the capital and operating costs for five different flowsheet options for a platinum-group metals refinery. The client was under pressure, and the project was completed in record time.

2. Zinc recovery improvement on a flotation plant:

Our brief was to improve the recovery of zinc on a plant. We used our methodology based on the theory of constraints to determine the best course of action, and achieved a measureable improvement in recovery by using a combination of control and process changes.

3. Blast optimisation study:

Our brief was to develop a methodology for blast optimisation, which is also called mine-to-mill optimization. We surveyed previous case studies, distilled the essential steps and recommended the required methodology.

4. Prefeasibility study for a copper pressure leaching plant:

Our brief from the client was to use as much of the current equipment as possible to treat a mixed chalcocite-chalcopyrite material using pressure leaching, and integrate this leaching operation into the current plant.

5. Metallurgical capacity of a hydrometallurgical refinery:

Our brief was to determine the maximum capacity that the equipment could treat, and determine the minimum equipment required for an expansion of capacity. We performed a detailed metallurgical analysis of the plant, created kinetic models for each operation in Cycad Process, calibrated the models using pilot plant and existing plant data, stress-tested the models, and finally used these models to determine the capacity and the equipment required for the proposed expansion.

6. On-site training of metallurgists (pressure leaching and slag-cleaning furnace):

We undertook several on-site training exercises for metallurgists. Each exercise was located around a piece of major equipment, such as a furnace or an autoclave with an assignment to dramatically improve performance. Delegates on these exercises had to study all aspects of the equipment, analyse the problem, develop models to test proposed solutions, run sampling campaigns, and implement a solution.

7. Metallurgical and control reviews of DMS, flotation, and leaching plant (copper and zinc):

Our operational reviews combine our strengths in metallurgy and in process control, providing the client with a holistic view. The reviews have generated recommendations for key instrumentation and control strategies that assist plant personnel in decision-making that improves the performance of the plant.

8. Flowsheet development of metallurgical operations (copper, zinc, nickel, iron ore):

Our team has both broad and deep knowledge of chemistry, chemical engineering and process control that is ideally suited to process development. We have developed and investigated different flowsheet options for processing zinc, copper, and copper-nickel ores covering mineral processing, hydrometallurgy and pyrometallurgy. This work is backed up by our software, Cycad Process, that has been specifically developed to make flowsheet development more efficient. Our laboratory is equipped to rapidly determine the unknowns during process development.

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